Tuesday, 11 July 2017

How to Reset Forgotten Dell Latitude Password?

"Last week,i forgot password to my dell latitude e7440, hwo can I recover the lost password and regain access to the laptop??? "
"Is there any solution for dell latitude d600 bios password reset ??"
Recently Dell has announced SonicWALL Hosted Email Security 2.0, a cloud-based service providing advanced, multi-layered email threat protection, which makes Dell Latitude users' information online more secure.

Monday, 10 July 2017

How to fix dell printer error 1103? Call 1-800-204-4427

Connect with Dell Support Number 1 (800) 204-4427 to fix Printer Error 1102?

Follow these steps to fix your problem:
It is highly suggested that you carry out all the steps in exact manner to effectively get rid of your problem.

Scan the Computer with Reimage Repair Tool

This repair tool is free to download as well as easy to use. It scans, detects and repairs your computer for system errors like Printer Error 1102. The tool is powerful enough to find malicious items that are hidden on the computer.
1. Download Reimage Repair Tool from the link below. Save the file to your Desktop so that we can access the file easily.
Reimage Repair Tool Download Link (right-click and save to your Desktop)
2. After downloading, navigate to the file location and double-click it. This will start the installation procedure. User Account Control will prompt if you want to run the program, click Yes to continue.

3. On initial launch of the program, it will display a welcome screen as shown in the image below. Leave the checkbox unticked to allow the repair tool to start an automatic scan and click Install to start the installation procedure.

4. Reimage will now install itself on your computer. The tool will download necessary updates so Internet connection is required at this point.

5. The tool will automatically start a preliminary scan of your machine to help determine the health of your PC.

6. Once the scan is complete Reimage will tell you which areas of your PC are damaged and if a repair is necessary. If it is, click on the Start Repair button in the bottom right corner.

7. After Reimage has finished it's repair your computer should be fixed. You may need to restart your computer to complete the process.

How does it work?
This tool will scan and diagnose, then repairs, your PC with patent pending technology that fix your windows operating system registry structure. 
basic features: (repairs system freezing and rebooting issues , start-up customization , browser helper object management , program removal management , live updates , windows structure repair.)

Friday, 7 July 2017

How to fix Dell Inspiron M5030 7 Beeps Blank Screen?

Hello everyone, I’m not one for crazy fixes, but this is what just happened to me:
I picked up a Dell Inspiron M5030 laptop from a client a couple of days ago. I pushed the power button and I saw that the motherboard was getting power, the fans were spinning, but no screen. Then I heard the seven beeps over and over again – continuous seven beeps. I immediately thought video chip because it reminded me of the HP Pavilion dv9000 models of a few years back.

I took the laptop into my bedroom and wrapped it (laptop was on, still beeping, and open) in a towel first and then a blanket (covering up the entire non screen part of the computer). Keys covered, fan outlet covered, everything wrapped in the towel and blanket. No possibility for any type of cooling.
I left the room for twenty minutes while the computer was on and beeping away like crazy. After twenty minutes I unwrapped the laptop and turned it off by pushing the power button. The computer was really hot, and the towel and blanket were quite hot to the touch.

After about ten seconds I powered on the computer and no beeps! The screen came up no problem, and everything worked perfectly. I’ve restarted the machine several times and no more beeps. I’ve cold started the machine several times and no more beeps. Boots up just fine. The build up of heat from the twenty minutes must have produced like a mini-reflow!!

I left it off overnight and in the morning it booted up like a dream! I also turned off all sleep and hibernate modes in the control panel (power options). These modes create heating issues in laptops and will produce problems.

The Inspiron M5030 model has known issues with the cpu and video chip. This fix is most likely temporary but it has given me enough time to backup all of my clients data.

Professor Randy says: Don’t be afraid to try a well-researched “fix” even if a bit unorthodox. If nothing else you’ll learn alot and you’ll feel better for having done all that you can do to repair the machine!! For more Call us 1 (800) 204-4427 Dell Laptop Support Number for tech support help.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

How to fix Dell laptop error code 0146? Call 18002044427

Error code 0146 indicates the test has detected logs of previous errors on hard drive and this might be a possible hard drive failure. For more decisive results, I recommend you to run a 'Custom Test' on the laptop's 'Hard Drive'. 'Custom Test' is an advanced diagnostic test and is capable of producing more reliable results. Follow the steps listed below to launch the hard drive custom test:
  • Power off the laptop (Ensure that AC Adapter cable is plugged in)
  • Power on the laptop and repeatedly tap <F12> key
  • Select option 'Diagnostics'
Here are some screen shots demonstrating the progress of the PSA+ Diagnostics:

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

How to Install and Configure a Dell Printer Driver on Mac OS X?

Dell printers are compatible with multiple types and version of OS like Windows and Mac etc. But to run printer on all OS a driver required that helps to drive the functioning of printing task through a computer. Mac computer connecting with Dell printer should have compatible driver.

Different OS supported devices have different types of user-interface and configuration system. Hence, if you have Mac computer don’t know how to install and configure a Dell Print Driver on Mac OS X then read below the right process discussed by the experts.

Download the Printer Driver and Install Properly

You can visit Dell’s official site and find the compatible driver for your Mac PC or call Dell printer tech support to get online help by technician who will check your computer and install the printer driver as per the compatibility with your system. After downloading the driver you just need to follow the installation steps instructed there to complete the process.

Using IP Address or Host name Add a Printer on Network

To add Network Pinter you need to open Apple icon and go to system preferences where choose print and fax to click + (plus) icon just below the printers on the left side to open the add printer application on your computer screen. Now select the top toolbar to add printer on your PC. Similarly there are other instructions follow to configure the settings.

How to Add USB Printer?

Similarly, if you want to add a USB printer you have to again follow almost same steps, choosing from Apple icon to system preferences to choose print & fax. Here if you need help, Dell printer support open all-the-time ready to help end-users fronting such issues while installing a new printer on their network or any other connected devices.

Selecting the Printing Multiple Options

After installing Dell printer on your Mac you can take printouts using multiple printing options. There are many options to take prints with different number of copies or change the layouts and borders for different purposes of the Mac users. You can also use default printing settings to get the prints otherwise can choose the preferences as per your requirements. And if you need help for online tech assistance for Dell printer, Dell tech support number is also open to help you remotely with online solution for wide range of technical issues.

How to Troubleshoot Dell Laser Printer Problems? Call 18002044427

Dell laser printers no doubt can give you high speed productivity in terms of printing number of copies with maximum outputs. Such advance technology to print documents also invites lots of trouble if not operated properly or unexpected breakdowns attack the device.
Troubleshooting such malfunctions would be difficult if you don’t have technical knowledge. Because there are lots of factors make this device run effectively and print documents. But if you don’t know how to deal with such issues, catch here how to troubleshoot dell laser printer problems with right mix of knowledge and skills for best results.

Printer Installation and Setup

To use Dell laser printer into your computer you need to install the software that comes with printer for different operating system compatibility. Printer not installed properly or settings are misconfigured will show the problem at the time of use. Hence, make sure installation is right or reinstall the Dell LaserJet printer with the help of experts who will also check the compatibility issues and configure all the necessary settings for best results.

Dell Laser Printer Driver Update and Reinstall

If the driver for your Dell laser printer is not ok into your system, you will face the problems. Incompatible drivers, drivers gone outdated or damaged due to malware or other breakdowns will create a problem when you try to takeout prints. Getting Dell LaserJet printer support helps to check such issues and update or repair the driver with latest version allowing your printer run without facing driver related issues on your PC.

OS Compatibility Issues with Dell Printers

If the model of Dell laser printer is not compatible with operating system of your computer you will not able to install the printer software or face the problem while printing the document. To check the compatibility issues, get in touch with Dell printer support for online help. The technicians will help you to get OS compatible printer driver or will solve the driver compatibility related various problems on your windows or Mac system.

Print Quality and Speed Related issues

If Dell printer is not working properly on your computer and not giving you the satisfying quality prints or running with slow speed, you need to setup your printer again with right configuration and settings. To reset your printer and adjust printing settings call at Dell tech support phone number and ask the technician to take system on remote and tune-up the print settings and format of printing to get best quality prints at maximum speed.

How to Fix Dell Error Code 2000:0244? | Call +1-8002044427

Error Code 2000:0244 on your computer appears indicating that there is some problem with motherboard of your PC. However, if you are running UEFI BIOS you can ignore this error. While on the other hand, if false positive has been found to only occur if you system is not configured with the utilities or not running with the new command.

Such utilities software comes preinstalled from the factory with right settings and if they removed or uninstalled without your knowledge it create such errors. Error code 2000:0244 is also a part of such actions, that you can fix with following steps.

Install with Right Procedure

When you initiate software installation, you need to follow the right process followed by the experts to professionally set up a computer application into your computer. If not done properly, take help from experts to avoid any error post the installation.

Configuration of System and Key Settings

Configuring your Dell computer with recommended settings helps to avoid such issues. Actually, there are many important settings need to be configured favorably as per the system configuration and hardware components.

Use Command Option for Dell Error

You can also check “Command | Configure” if it appears on your list of installed application or not. Dell technical support is also available to deal with such issues. Technicians will diagnosis the other causes of Dell Error Code 2000:0244 or problem not allowing fixing error.

Repair Corrupted System Registry Files

Dell Error Code 2000:0244 also appears when your system’s registry files got damaged. You need to repair these damaged system files with the help of experts. Avoid such damages can cause major problems, as corrupted system files entries are one of the biggest threats for your computer to keep it safe and running without any issue.

Troubleshooting Dell Error Code Professionally

The best way to fix Dell Error Code 2000:0244 is take help from a professional technician to install Dell Command | Configure on to a Windows Platform suitable for Dell PC with right process and configuration. If the problem persists, calling at Dell tech support phone number helps to connect with techies and get right solution with effective results.