Friday, 7 July 2017

How to fix Dell Inspiron M5030 7 Beeps Blank Screen?

Hello everyone, I’m not one for crazy fixes, but this is what just happened to me:
I picked up a Dell Inspiron M5030 laptop from a client a couple of days ago. I pushed the power button and I saw that the motherboard was getting power, the fans were spinning, but no screen. Then I heard the seven beeps over and over again – continuous seven beeps. I immediately thought video chip because it reminded me of the HP Pavilion dv9000 models of a few years back.

I took the laptop into my bedroom and wrapped it (laptop was on, still beeping, and open) in a towel first and then a blanket (covering up the entire non screen part of the computer). Keys covered, fan outlet covered, everything wrapped in the towel and blanket. No possibility for any type of cooling.
I left the room for twenty minutes while the computer was on and beeping away like crazy. After twenty minutes I unwrapped the laptop and turned it off by pushing the power button. The computer was really hot, and the towel and blanket were quite hot to the touch.

After about ten seconds I powered on the computer and no beeps! The screen came up no problem, and everything worked perfectly. I’ve restarted the machine several times and no more beeps. I’ve cold started the machine several times and no more beeps. Boots up just fine. The build up of heat from the twenty minutes must have produced like a mini-reflow!!

I left it off overnight and in the morning it booted up like a dream! I also turned off all sleep and hibernate modes in the control panel (power options). These modes create heating issues in laptops and will produce problems.

The Inspiron M5030 model has known issues with the cpu and video chip. This fix is most likely temporary but it has given me enough time to backup all of my clients data.

Professor Randy says: Don’t be afraid to try a well-researched “fix” even if a bit unorthodox. If nothing else you’ll learn alot and you’ll feel better for having done all that you can do to repair the machine!! For more Call us 1 (800) 204-4427 Dell Laptop Support Number for tech support help.

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