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Steps To Reset The Dell BIOS Password

It comes with quite easy process for users to reset the Dell BIOS password. Well, a BIOS password can be set within the BIOS itself to prevent a computer from being booted to the hard drive automatically. This is quite different from a Windows log-in password process. Usually, a system will not come with BIOS password enabled, unless users are going into the setup mode and apply the one. One of the biggest advantages of the BIOS password is that it will automatically disable the entire computer, in which users may have this permission to boot it to a CD or even in the USB drive. 

Steps to reset the Dell BIOS password

Step1: To Reset Dell BIOS Password

·         To reset the Dell BIOSpassword on Dell computers, one must first shut down the PC device by turning it on its side on a flat surface and then remove the side section. It is advised to users to discharge any static current which may be carrying and can take into affect by just touching the bare metal surface of the case. So in this case, just work by unplugging the computer.

·         The jumper pins to reset Dell BIOS password can usually be found just near the CMOS battery which is a nickel sized battery feature located on the motherboard. There are two sets of jumpers near each other.  One is the CMOS jumper and the other one is the password (PWRD) jumper. Each one of them will have three pins. Locate the password jumper and try to search for the plastic clip which is covering pin 2 as well as pin 3. Remove the clip and move it carefully to pins 1 and 2. Let it be there for a couple of minutes and then move it back to pins 2and 3.

Step 2: Resetting the Dell BIOS password resolution

·         If you still can’t reset the Dell BIOS password on the Dimension or Dell computers then be sure to get in touch with the Dell support  team directly or visit the computer repair forums and get instant help regarding this issue. The best information regarding how to reset Dell BIOS password will definitely be explained in the Dell manual for all your specific models.

For more  Dell computer related queries, just give a call at Dell Customer Support Number 1 (800) 204-4427 section and resolve your daily headache

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Online Technical Services, Computer and PC Support Services, Help

Technology is something which keeps on evolving. Due to a new PC or gadget upgrade, version upgrade, software upgrade and too many upgrades; your work gets interrupted thus, requiring online helpdesk.
The so called hassle is over now. With Dell tech support we offer professional expertise from our full-fledged online helpdesk team.
A single technical hassle could not only kill your productivity but also, waste your time. So, if you want to make your life easy with technical devices, gadgets and their software; we’re there to assist you as your virtual consultants.

Online Software Support

Software support services are meant to help you in troubleshooting frequent software related issues. We address all the queries on the software front which includes,

Online Hardware support

Through online Hardware support, we help you to reduce the hardware related risks and keep your systems on track with our hardware support services. We provide support for following Hardware devices:
You could opt for any type of technical services solutions pertaining to Hardware and Software issues. You could contact 1 (800) 204-4427 our 24x7 helpdesk. 

Friday, 19 May 2017

Android Customer Support Number 1 (800) 204-4427 for tech help

Is your Android device giving you a hard time? Relax. We’ll help fix it right away

Technical help for Android is just a click away. Start instant chat or call an Dell Helpline Number now for professional tech support.

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24x7 Tech Support

Instant access to technical experts via the Internet.

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Professional help to resolve all operating system glitches.

Android – the most popular mobile operating system from Google is perhaps the most customization as well. The OS comes in a number of versions for different hardware specifications. If Android is not working smoothly, don’t worry. Whether you are facing syncing issues or looking for help to personalize the settings, Dell Support technicians have got you covered.
Tech support from Dell UK for Android includes services such as:
  • Diagnosis and repair of Android issues.
  • Configuration of operating system settings.
  • Syncing your Android device.
  • Connecting to the Internet.
  • Optimizing Android for faster performance.
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Got a New Computer! 4 Ways to keep data safe!

With all the offers and discounts in the holiday season, most of us have purchased one device or the other. If you were in time to fight through the peak demand and shipping hassles and get your hand on the computer, you had eyed for long, then a very big Congratulations!

Whether it is the stunning new Microsoft Surface 2, a Windows 8 laptop or a desktop PC that you always wanted you still need to set it up as per your requirements. Here are the first few important things that you need to do to get started with your computer.

Update Your Antimalware Program

One of the worst nightmares for your brand new computer would be getting infected with a malware. So, yes you need an antimalware and all latest PCs come with an in-built antimalware. But, here is the catch; it wouldn’t be updated. So, the very first thing that you need to do once you have set up your PC is head to scanner settings and updates the ‘definitions’. For, further security, you can also install Virus Removal Free Antivirus that keeps you protected, round the year.

Install Available Windows Updates

The next thing you need to take care of is to install all available Windows updates. Even a new computer is not fully updated. Every month, Microsoft releases security and non-security updates, so it is best to check for updates, before you start.

Install a File Recovery Program

So, the obvious question…why this? You have a brand new computer that you have just booted, how will you lose files, when you haven’t created any files so far. But, once more there is a catch. File recovery programs often require to install one, before you can use it. So, it could automatically overwrite the area on the hard drive where a deleted file was hiding.

Play safe and install a file recovery program as you get started. Once done, you can forget about it. It would just do its work if you ever lose your files.

Go for an Online Backup Service

This is one more thing that you need to take care of, especially because you have a new PC on your hands and wouldn’t like things to go wrong with it. Online backup is a smart way to ensure that all your data is protected and secure on some servers that is away from your home. Cloud storage is also an option but, to store everything you have on clouds, you will have to spend more as compared to online backup service.

So, get started with your brand new Dell computer and keep your data safe and secure.

Need Immediate Technical Support for Your Dell Computer?

Dial our 800 number, or contact us online for help with any Dell computer or device, including: Dell desktop pcs scanner, tablets, xps laptop, notebook,  laptop pcs, minis, netbooks, TVs, monitors and printers.

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If its Dell, wave got you covered with state-of-the-art tech support and computer repair services. Our Personal Technology Experts® know Dell computers inside-out, including Dells Inspiron, Latitude, Dimension, Studio, Mini, Alienware, XPS and Adamo models.
Every day, we tackle Dell desktop and laptop repair tasks from common installation problems, to advanced diagnostics and repair. With Dell Technical Support on your side, you have your own personal Dell customer support center. Our Dell tech support services include:-

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  • ·         Fixing slow computers
  • ·         Optimizing Dell laptops, desktops and netbooks
  • ·         Software and app installation
  • ·         Operating system issues (e.g., Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP)
  • ·         File recovery
  • ·         System restore
  • ·         System start-up problems
  • ·         System memory problems
  • ·         Advanced laptop and desktop repair
  • ·         LCD monitor device driver issues

How We Help 24/7, at Your Convenience

We’re here 24/7 as your remote Dell Computer support center. Just call one of our Personal Technology Experts and we’ll handle everything. The entire process is easy.
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